About Spriska Insurance

All policies of insurance will be underwritten by Specialty Risk of America “SPRISKA”. SPRISKA is a property and casualty insurance company located in Springfield, IL. We have a rich history of providing specialty insurance products that serve many niche markets.

Our local market knowledge means that your policy will be serviced by experienced local insurance professionals that understand you and your needs. You won’t have to join an association to receive our insurance, or have your policy underwritten by a foreign insurer. We are licensed and regulated by the Illinois Department of Insurance. At this time, our gun liability product is only available to resident gun owners in Illinois.

Superior Claims Handling

We have over 45 years experience in handling of civil litigation claims. Our claims personnel all have extensive insurance claims handling experience backed by advanced educational degrees.

Civil Litigation Defense:

At our expense, we will hire a local attorney experienced in defending civil litigation claims in your jurisdiction to defend you against unwanted civil liability claims.

Criminal Defense Referrals:

We will provide you with a list of locally recommended 2nd Amendment criminal defense attorneys. Choosing a competent criminal defense attorney to protect your freedom may be the most important decision you face in a lifetime.